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Parts and Accessories Available for Your Mercedes

You can opt to accessorize a variety of areas of your sedan, from the exterior look to the electronics. A lot of red interior the Mercedes accessories you will discover are manufactured by brand Mercedes itself while others are by other market companies.

For your electronics wants, there is the Hands Free phone call System MHI Bluetooth border Module option. The phone call system is built-in & can attach wirelessly to your mobile phone through Bluetooth technology. It wires hands-free functions so you can focus on your driving while calling somebody or receiving calls.

A pricier improvement is the COMAND DV Navigation. This is a GPS spread on a screen that assists you plan trips & prevents you from getting misplaced. Covering all nations including US and UK, the COMAND DV Navigation also displays related information in some areas such as hotels, airports, ATMs, hospitals, museums, & 36 other categories.

The external appearance of your Mercedes, though it barely needs sprucing up, but should you ever experience inclined to, there are numerous Mercedes accessories to select from. How about installing Chrome Tire Valve Stem Caps for that ideal wheel finish? Housing that boring authorizes plate inside solid steel which is stainless too. Mercedes Plate Frame provides you an affordable & instant look upgrading. Chrome Door Handle Inserts guard the handle finish & add flair at the similar time.

For taking care of your Mercedes, invest in mud flaps. Mercedes mud flaps protect your car from being hit by road garbage thrown off by the vehicle wheels, which can harm the chassis components & paint finish. When your vehicle is just staying in the garage, avoid dust from building up by casing your Mercedes with a resistant to UV, breathable Noah material.

There are also back seat covers to keep the back seats clean and stain-free. Back seat covers are prepared through vinyl & can be simply attached to the chairs. One more Mercedes accessory for car care is a rubber base mouse mat. This helps in trapping mud, water, & melting snow so your mat remains dry & continue looking its best.

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